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The researchers note these infections are usually associated with crush traumas and farm injuries, but now physicians must also be prepared and vigilant when presented with a cellulitic patient who has a history of needle use. Even patients with their own clean needles are not immune, as evident in a report of an asthmatic patient who developed necrotizing fasciitis from an injection of subcutaneous epinephrine. Necrotizing fasciitis has a rapid time-line to tissue destruction and loss of life. A 1995 study found the survival rate of those diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis to be as low as 50%. However, wide ranges of death exist depending on a multitude of factors. I have had both rounds of RT on my left foot. Following week one after round 2 of RT. I began to have intense pins and needles, numbness of toes, pain in the heel, pain in ankle & over all swelling. I had MRI of the ankle. They has said it is Tarsal Tunnel. The posterior tibia tendon is inflamed causing problem and thickening inside the tarsal runnel. My podiatrist recommend surgery to release the pressure in the tunnel. I on the other hand, am seeking conservative methods. I went for a 2nd opinion and was told he did not think it was true tarsal tunnel. Whereas Swedish massage strokes follow the length of the muscle, deep tissue massage strokes are done across the grain of the muscle. Deep finger pressure is exerted directly on tight muscle knots, slowly releasing chronic muscle tension. Although it can be painful and can actually leave soreness for several days, the long term effects of deep tissue massage include reduced muscle inflammation, relaxation and pain relief. It is also known to be effective in eliminating scar tissue. One need not be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of sports massage, though. Any sports enthusiast or even a beginner in any sport will definitely be better prepared with it. In conclusion, the literature supports the use of icemassage as a modality in the treatment of plantar fasciitis to reduce theinflammatory response and aid in pain relief. However, more research is needed to determine the mosteffective use other conservative modalities used in combination with icemassage. Additional research isneeded to validate studies of alternative medicine used in combination withtraditional treatments. Futurestudies should also determine an optimal mode and duration for the use of icemassage. References I hope this article was very helpful to you, but if you want to know more about this severe foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis, you should go to ==>plantar fasciitis relief Last weekend I ran my third marathon (which I PRed, incase you wanted that little reminder!) and since then, I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis I got it for the first time while training for the Garmin Marathon I managed to get through training this time without it but knew it would be an issue again at mile 20 of the IMT Des Moines Marathon Tomorrow, I’m scheduled to go see my awesome massage therapist and then I’m back to the chiro on Monday. Between all of these efforts, I’m hoping something works and the pain and discomfort comes to an end very soon! I never had it again,” said Salmon, now a part-time analyst for the Angels at FOX Sports West. “Even today, all these years later, I can go jogging and stuff. It doesn’t bother me. He should be good to go. To me, that’s an injury that once you’re over it, you’re over it. I’d be more concerned with other ailments, let’s say a knee or something like that, than I would plantar fascia again.” By shutting it down for the rest of the season, Salmon said, Pujols can allow the connective tissue on his foot to reconnect so that he can fully heal. The Achilles tendon is a group of tissues that connect the heel bone to your calf muscles. When these are inflamed, you have Achilles tendonitis. The plantar fascia is also a group of tissues; but, this links the toes to your heel. Home remedies work well for both the conditions. The treatment of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis are almost the same. When ice packs and stretching exercises don't work for plantar fasciitis, it may be advisable for you to visit a podiatrist. A new therapy called ESWT or 'Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy' is recommended. The therapy may take about 4 months for complete cure. Feet are like snowflakes - no two are exactly the same. When you're selecting a pair of sandals for plantar fasciitis, pay close attention to the shape and contour of the footbed. Ideally you want it to mirror the profile of your foot. The arch, width, length and little subtleties of you foot should all be accounted for. Now, obviously getting a sandal that perfectly suits your foot's profile is going to be impossible - unless you have the means to have something custom made. Mild depression is one of the essential signs of marital problems. Treatments for Mild Depression include some changes in lifestyle, good food habits and exercises. Exactly what occurred you ask? Well, I first recollected that all was not so well with my feet when I started feeling a sort of tightness creeping into the back of my right lower leg and at the back of my right foot. It didn't seem to worry me a lot in the beginning. I just waited for the pain to decrease without actually paying too much notice to it. If you are having foot, toe and ankle discomfort, talk to your health care supplier. There are things that can be done to help ease the pain and make surviving the day easier. About the Author